Beloit’s Little Disneyworld: Little Turtles Playhouse

It’s all about the fun and games!

Have you ever seen little kids walking over campus and wondered where they came from? Well, they are our Little Turtles from the Little Turtles Playhouse. Little Turtles Playhouse is the one and only cooperative child care center in Beloit. All other daycare centers in Beloit operate under organizations whereas Little Turtles is managed directly by the parents and community members. And with parents and community members on the Board of Directors, it sure is Beloit’s own little Disneyworld for the kids.

Little Turtles Playhouse

So, how did this idea of a cooperative child care center spring into action? Professors of Beloit College (Daniel Barolsky, Diep Phan, and Nicolette Meister) got together and brought the idea to the table after the daycare on campus closed around 2016. Since then, it has been providing services to babies ranging from 2-3 weeks old to 6 years old. At the playhouse, children get to experience a full day of fun activities and games—classes with children from their age group and teachers, painting sessions, puzzles, readings, plays, outings, and nearby playground visits.

Little Turtles Playhouse consists of qualified teachers trained in early childhood education, child recreation, and child psychology. There are also assistant teachers who might be college students interested in child education. This is a great opportunity for students intending to major in EDYS or child education. Even as assistant teachers, you might have to be in charge of the whole classroom and tend to the children’s needs.

Little Turtles Playhouse operates all year, meaning students can even work in the summer. There are paid positions for qualified teachers (people who can stay for longer terms are prioritized), assistant teachers, and volunteer opportunities through a special project in child psychology and development from the Psychology department.

Overall, it’s an amazing daycare. And, the best part—it’s super close to the campus.

Contact information: (608-362-2965)

By: Abhas Oli'26
March 20, 2023

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