From Beloit’s coursework to real-world experiences

Quantitative Methods with Professor Jeff Adams and Econometrics with Professor Bob Elder are some of the notable coursework that shaped Anthony Racine’s ’13 career interest in Data Analytics. Combining those academic lessons with experiences gained from joining the Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM) business program, he expanded his networks and discovered the potential career path.

Before Beloit

What were you looking for in a college, and what made you choose Beloit?

I was looking for a small college that would challenge me and provide an intimate, hands-on approach to learning. Before attending college, I already knew I was interested in Economics (since I already got exposed through the International Baccalaureate program). So when I got the chance to visit Beloit, I spent time talking with many professors to learn more about the Economics program and its offered opportunities for majors. Beloit’s student-centric culture, supportive professors, and critical thinking education approach were the 3 key factors that drew me to Beloit College after my visit. Additionally, I was looking to continue playing soccer in college, and Beloit offered me a great program.


Year 1

Looking back to your freshman year, who (faculty, staff, coaches, friends, etc.) or what (classes, clubs, programs, etc.) was instrumental in helping you navigate your college life?

Joining the soccer team and being a part of that family in all four years at Beloit under Tim Schmiechen’s coaching was the fondest memory I have had at Beloit College. My soccer team brought me a sense of belonging: I quickly made some great friends during my freshman year and have stayed in touch with many of my former teammates until now. I also learned to manage and balance my time between division 3 intercollegiate athletics and my coursework. The journey with my soccer team got even better when we successfully made it to the conference finals in 2 out of the 4 years I was participating.

Any advice for first-year students?

Beloit has a lot to offer for such a small academic community. Keeping an open mind and absorbing as much as you can is a priority ịn your first year. Finding success is not necessarily “linear.” Do not be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. I think Beloit is a great place to explore new ideas and test yourself.


Year 2

How did Beloit College support you with your interest in Economics?

The coursework, alumni connections, and professor mentors were beyond supportive and helpful in providing me with chances to go in-depth with Economics fields and shaping my career interest in data analytics. Some of the notable courses at Beloit that first introduced and sparked my passion for working with data were Quantitative Methods with Professor Jeff Adams and Econometrics with Professor Bob Elder. Both were challenging classes but very beneficial in laying a solid foundation in data analytics that has been with me for many years to come.

When and how did you get your first internship?

During the summer after my sophomore year, I got my first internship with the City of Littleton as the Economic Development Intern. It is important for me to get hands-on experience as soon as possible to better my grasp of the data analytics field with real-life case studies. It was a great experience when I was in charge of communicating and helping maintain a registered business database in that area.


Year 3

Besides on-campus opportunities, how did Beloit College help with your off-campus experience in terms of leveraging your career interest?

Beloit College offered me a chance to gain off-campus experience during my spring semester of junior year with the Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM) business program. During this semester, I had an opportunity to work with ICNC (an Economic development firm) as an International Trade Intern. At the same time, I served as the Research Assistant for Inoca Capital Partners (a private equity firm, where I executed industry research projects and created directories of boutique investment banks. I enjoyed living in the city and working on case studies of different businesses throughout the Chicago area as part of the program coursework.


Year 4

What were some of the most memorable projects in which you were involved during your time at Beloit?

During my junior/senior year, I worked as the Managing Analyst at Belmark Associates - a market research firm run by students. I worked on several projects, including the Beloit 2020 (an economic development project) abandoning brewery industry market research under Professor Brian Morello’s guidance.

How did you prepare yourself for your post-graduation journey?

I spent most of my time searching for jobs and networking with a lot of Beloit alumni, especially former members of the soccer team who were working in consulting, finance, or real estate. And I have to say that the professors at Beloit were great at generating career interest and helping me enter the professional world after college.


After Beloit

Could you share with us your first job experience after graduation?
After graduation, I moved back to Denver and worked as an analyst for a company that provides ad-serving and marketing measurement technology.

How about your current job?
Currently, I am an Analytics Manager at Merkle Inc., a global marketing agency. My work is a balance of directly developing data solutions for my clients (such as forecasting, reporting, database management, campaign analysis, and standing up new technologies), managing projects and assisting analysts on my team with their work, and being a team lead to bridge the communication gap between clients and the internal team.

By: My Le'25
December 20, 2022

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