Taking initiatives to develop business acumen

Aaron Bauhs ’05 has always been passionate about business and sales; therefore, he took the initiative in leading Belmark Associates under the guidance of Professor Jeff Adams and obtained a summer business internship through the alumni network during his Junior. These experiences kickstarted his business acumen and consulting career.

Before Beloit

What drew you to Beloit?
I would say my unforgettable campus visit before making my final decision. Right when I got to Beloit College, I felt the warm, friendly, and welcoming atmosphere of everyone on campus. And that was the moment I knew that Beloit College would be the second place called home.


Year 1

One word describing your freshman year:


What advice would you offer to first-year Beloit College students? How about advice to admitted students who are considering coming to Beloit College?

Be fearless in who you talk to. Networking is not about big events and handing out business cards, it’s about 20-minute coffee chats where you ask people about their lives, hopes, and dreams to understand if what they do is interesting to you and make suggestions on how you might help them. And people want to talk, especially to students.


Year 2

What are your majors and minors while at Beloit College?

Studio Art and Business Administration (now Business Economics)

What made you choose to major in Business Administration?

I’ve long seen creativity as only a part of the equation, and the other components, in my perspective, are business and community. Therefore, majoring in Business Administration would complete my whole picture of education. It also helped me learn about how to run a business.


Year 3

Which experiences from your degrees supported you in finding your career path?

- Gaining hands-on experience with a student-run market research firm (Belmark) under the guidance of Professor Jeff Adams.

- Combining my creative side with my Economics degree by assisting Professor Jerry Gustafson in nurturing professionalism among creatives.

- Having my first internship thanks to Professor Jeff Adams and the alumni network.


Year 4

How has Beloit College prepared you for your life after graduation?

Beloit has exposed me to a real-world working environment by giving me the chance to work with real clients in and outside of the classroom, build up my leadership skills through Belmark, and take the initiative in supporting Professor Jerry Gustafson in founding the Center for Entrepreneurship (CELEB).


After Beloit

What is your current position, and could you walk us through your typical day at work?

I’m currently working as an Associate Partner at IBM. My main task is to reshape how large companies operate and how they interact with consumers. I get paid by IBM but consult for enterprises in media & entertainment, energy & utilities, and telecom.

By: My Le'25
December 20, 2022

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