Chandler William Rowe’1939 DSC

You went on to gain repute as a researcher, educator, author, and professional society leader.

Long an advocate of liberal arts education, you have undertaken the challenge of guiding a unique institution in its infant days. Upon becoming first president of Hawaii Loa College, you dedicated yourself to “an inter-cultural approach to education that will allow students from all areas to better appreciate their own way of life through a deeper understanding of the heritage of Asia and the West.” Brought to Beloit by a developing interest in anthropology, you went on to gain repute as a researcher, educator, author, and professional society leader. After initial archaeological experiences and wartime Army duty in the Pacific, you resumed graduate study leading to M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in anthropology. In 1946, you joined Lawrence College and established a new department of anthropology. You extended your archaeological knowledge to Pacific cultures through research leaves to Hawaii and Japan; while closer to home you directed restoration of the prehistoric Indian village of Aztalan and earned the Lapham Research Medal from the Wisconsin Archaeological Society for your field work and publication. In 1961, Lawrence named you dean of academic affairs. Although you conquered a malarial infection you incurred in military service, you never recovered from the Pacific “virus” which attacked your imagination at the same time. When Hawaii Loa, which was founded when four Protestant denominations banded together for the first time in U.S. education history, beckoned in 1965, you answered its call. In recognition of your outstanding professional and academic accomplishments, I am honored to present this Distinguished Service Citation to you on behalf of your Alma Mater.


Note: This DSC contains language and ideas that may be outdated, biased, or offensive. We recognize that hiding our past does not change it, and we can use this to propel us on our mission toward becoming better.

July 01, 1980

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