Eugene P. Boardman’1932 DSC

Historian – Authority on East Asia

You have gained prominence as a historian and recognized authority on the Far East, using your experience and scholarly skills in the service of higher education and graduate students at the University of Wisconsin for three decades. After receiving your degree at Beloit, from which your parents graduated twenty five years earlier, you earned a doctorate at Harvard University, began your long and distinguished teaching career and recently became senior professor in a department of 50 members. Your varied career also includes experience as a Japanese language officer in the Marines and war crimes interpreter during World War II, a Fulbright fellow in Hong Kong and a senior research fellow in Chinese studies at Columbia University’s East Asia Institute. In addition to writing a book on “Christian Influence on the Ideology of the Taiping Rebellion, 1851-64,” you co-authored “A New China Policy” and personally expressed your strong views on this subject as a congressional lobbyist for the Religious Society of Friends Committee on National Legislation. Beloit College honors your dedication to its high academic standards by awarding you this Distinguished Service Citation.

July 01, 1970

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