Charles Westerberg’94 YAA

2004 Young Alumni Award

Charles Westerberg, of the class of 1994, knows a good education when he sees it. He has devoted himself to the enhancement of life at Beloit College at all levels. In his undergraduate years, as a sociology and government major, he contributed to the residential life of the College as a participant in an important review of special interest groups and Greek houses on campus. He received academic recognition on the Dean’s List and team recognition in football. When he applied to Beloit College, his teachers described him as “a caring and sincere individual” who would “succeed in whatever he attempts because he believes in himself … he is a winner.”

We believe that too, and wish to acknowledge Charles Westerberg for his contributions to the vibrancy of Beloit College and to the lives of its students. There is nothing that makes the College prouder than the return of one of its sons to continue the academic traditions and fulfill the expectations of another generation. Whether as an undergraduate leader, as a member of the Beloit Works! Program as an alumnus, or as a graduate student or faculty member in the Department of Sociology, he has demonstrated a willingness to make the extra effort to ennoble this institution and its students. We are proud, therefore, to confer upon Charles Westerberg the first annual Young Alumni Award of the Beloit College Alumni Association in recognition of his academic achievement and his dedication to the mission of Beloit College.

July 01, 2004

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