Andrew Boryczka’98 YAA

2008 Young Alumni Award

Whether carrying the Olympic torch, racing up 94 floors of Chicago’s Hancock Tower, or flipping burgers for the Buccaneer baseball team, Andy Boryczka, of the class of 1998, has been leading the pack and challenging those behind him to catch up and do their best. Since Andy graduated, he has demonstrated the characteristics that Beloit admires in its students and graduates. He is an entrepreneur who gives back to his community and gives back to Beloit College. Five years after his friend and classmate David Browne’95 died of an undetected congenital heart condition, Andy organized the first annual 1,800-mile ride across America to raise money for the American Heart Association in David’s honor. Since that first ride, Andy and his fellow riders, many of them from Beloit College, have not only raised money for research but have kept David’s memory alive. He has also created opportunities for Beloit students to come to know alumni and to understand the camaraderie of Beloit graduates as they enhance the quality of life at every stage of the race. Beloit is proud of Andy Boryczka and his achievements and recognizes him as a symbol of all that is great about this College. On the occasion of his tenth reunion, the Beloit College Alumni Association is honored to confer upon him the 2008 Young Alumni Award and wishes him continued success.

July 01, 2008

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