Court to be named for record-winning Coach Knapton

Coach Bill Knapton made his mark on Beloit College athletics. Knapton will be honored this October with the renaming of the athletic courts.

The Flood Arena’s basketball and volleyball court will be named for legendary men’s basketball coach and former Athletic Director Bill Knapton at a dedication ceremony in October during Beloiter Days.

Coach Bill Knapton 40-year legacy includes the most wins of any coach in Midwest Conference histo... Knapton played a pivotal role in Beloit’s historic success in men’s basketball. He joined the college in 1957 and built a 40-year legacy that included 10 conference titles, two conference tournament titles, 15 conference tournament appearances, and the most wins of any coach in Midwest Conference history. He also contributed to the advancement of college basketball by serving on the NCAA Basketball Rules Committee from 1981-86, a period when the three-point line was introduced.

His accomplishments on the court and in the sport of basketball are only part of the story. Knapton was a second father to many players and a coach of much more than basketball.

“My philosophy is that any game of sport … but especially basketball, teaches competition, cements relationships we cherish throughout our lives, and develops teamwork,” Knapton said in 2003, when he was inducted into Beloit’s Athletic Hall of Honor.

Longtime Chicago Bulls beat reporter K.C. Johnson’89 wrote about Knapton’s impact when he invited fellow players to attend the court dedication.

“He proved you can be classy while being competitive,” Johnson wrote of Knapton. “He challenged you to be as strong a student in the classroom as in his practices, where he taught the game so beautifully. … In short, Knapton not only helped mold solid basketball players and prepared teams. He taught leadership, selflessness, accountability, and so many life lessons to serve us well.”

“The Bill Knapton Court” will be added to the surface when the floor is refinished next year.

By: Susan Kasten
September 01, 2022

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