Counselors travel across the globe for Beloiter experience

Students from around the globe come to Beloit College to study and learn about life in the United States. Global Education Program counselors, who visited Beloit College on June 24, help prepare students to learn and live outside their home country.

Twelve counselors from The Global Educator Program toured Beloit College on June 24 meeting stude... Credit: Jennifer Fetterly

A dozen college counselors traveled from across the world to visit the Beloit College campus on June 24. They talked with students, met professors, toured the campus, and asked questions, all with a mission to share that information with international students who want to study in the United States.

“It was really exciting for us to welcome this group of phenomenal counselors. Now they can go back to their institutions and relay the message of Beloit College,” says Admissions Counselor Hernan Santacruz’19.

The Global Educator Program (TGEP) hosted the school-affiliated and independent counselors from India, Mauritius, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates, on a two-week visit to colleges or universities with robust international programs. Beloit College ranked No. 16 among U.S. colleges and universities for having the most international students, according to the 2022 U.S. News & World Report.

A dozen college counselors traveled from across the world to visit the Beloit College campus on J...

A dozen college counselors traveled from across the world to visit the Beloit College campus on June 24.

With Beloit’s strong commitment to international students, the campus was on TGEP’s select tour itinerary. Some visiting counselors have been communicating with Beloit for years, and some even met up with students they helped bring to campus. An international student also gave the counselors a campus tour and shared her perspective on being a Beloiter. Associate Director of International & Transfer Admissions Alexandra Trumbull-Holper’04 emphasized the importance of the visit after two years of postponements during the pandemic.

“It was a huge opportunity for us to reconnect, face-to-face, with these counselors,” she says.

Founders Syed Jamal and Suchita Ohri said TGEP provides a deep-dive cultural experience of U.S. higher learning institutes. During the Beloit tour, the counselors focused on learning about campus life and how students adapt to attending a college outside their home country.

Jamal said gathering information on Career Channels, financial aid, student life, and other resources, was also essential.

“When international students come to the U.S. to study, they are overwhelmed with different things,” Jamal says. “Our mission is to go back and give them information so they can make the most of their international learning experience.”

International students are a valued and vital part of Beloit, and supporting them is a top priority, Trumbull-Holper says. That support includes before their arrival on campus, a welcome on international orientation day, and help throughout their years as a Beloiter. In return, the students contribute to campus vitality.

“The value of an international education and a diverse campus is immeasurable,” Trumbull-Holper says. “It helps everyone expand their horizons, learn to think in new ways, and educate and create global citizens.”

By: Jennifer Fetterly
June 30, 2022

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