Renee plans to use her CRIS education to help guide people to make healthy living choices.

What makes you want to be a CRIS minor?

The intersectionality of the courses really speak to my passion about societal issues that pertain to public health. CRIS helps me develop my understanding of identifying factors that impact an individual’s decisions and resources.

What are your CRIS learning goals?

1. To understand motives of people and how their identities affect those motives in terms of public health.

2. Being able to take any identity I learn about and pinpoint aspects that would be affected by, or affect public health.

What do you want to do with your CRIS knowledge/skills in your post-Beloit life?

I want to use my CRIS education with a Health and Society Major to help people understand important health topics and to be a resource for the community in terms of guiding people to make healthy living choices.

What would you tell other students thinking about majoring or minoring in CRIS?

I would tell students that a major or minor in CRIS can enhance knowledge about ANY topic or discipline in relation to thinking critically about how someone’s identity an be intertwined with it. It is useful to have this knowledge because it will benefit a person’s career in seeing an interaction with people and dealing with them.

August 12, 2019

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