Ashley Sorenson’18

Ashley Sorensen’18 discusses why she chose CRIS as a major.

What makes you want to be a CRIS major or minor?

I became interested in CRIS after taking Sex and Power because I realized how all the information I learned affected every aspect of my life and the lives of those around me.

If you’ve already taken CRIS courses, what has been your favorite reading or assignment? Why? OR, what CRIS course do you look forward to taking? Why?

My favorite CRIS course so far has been Licensed to Wed. It helped because of how it challenged me to think about my perspective on the institution of marriage.

What are your CRIS learning goals?

I want learn more about my own identities and the identities of others and how they are affected systemically.

What do you want to do with your CRIS knowledge/skills in your post-Beloit life?

My career goal is to research the femminization of rural poverty intersectionally by starting my own think tank in South Dakota.

What would you tell other students thinking about majoring or minoring in CRIS?

That it relates to so many other areas and it is a great major to double major with.

April 01, 2018

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