Harold Mayer’64

I’m all in for Beloit now because Professor Bernie Morrissey was all in for me.

Professor Bernie Morrissey and Harold Mayer?64 Professor Bernie Morrissey and Harold Mayer’64

The day a freshman English paper was due, Professor Morrissey called on me to read mine in class. But I had been so busy with Homecoming, I only had a rough draft. Instead of putting me on the spot, he invited me to his office, where he spent two hours going over what I had written. And then he accepted it late.

That a professor like Bernie Morrissey would take time to help a lowly freshman tells you a lot about Beloit. It’s a place where people are invested in each other’s success, and where you create lasting relationships that carry you through your career and life.

That’s why I’m all in for Beloit. Are you?

October 01, 2021

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