Committed to my success

Nicoló Petroccione feels the support of his Beloit mentors and peers — on the basketball court, in the classroom, and beyond. “Beloit is committed to making me a successful person.”

When Nicoló Petroccione chose Beloit, he dreamed of continuing his basketball career. What he didn’t realize is how his Beloit experience would impact him off the court as well.

“My professors have pushed me to see new things, and everything I study is influential,” Petroccione says. “I chose this college thinking about basketball, and now I am not only thankful for my team, but so much more.”

Petroccione said he wanted to attend a small college that would give him more opportunity to interact with his professors. “I knew I wanted to study something related to math, but I was not sure. So It was also important for me to have the option of exploring and seeing new things.”

Petroccione joined the Beloit community from Panama. On his first campus visit, he recalls feeling that each person he met was invested in his comfort and answering his questions. “I felt like I was at a place where I would be taken care of. It showed me that Beloit is committed to making me a successful person,” he says.

Now a rising senior, Petroccione feels that same commitment has allowed him to expand his curiosity. His professors have pushed him to open his mind, resulting in his majors in Quantitative Economics and Mathematics, as well as a minor in French.

“They care about you as a person, they want you to learn, not only get a grade and move on,” says Petroccione.

Take Paul Stanley, a professor of Physics and Astronomy. Stanley kept an open door to Petroccione when he found himself lost in a math course, a topic in which he previously had confidence. “I felt lost and scared of math, but I was able to talk through it with him. We met almost every day — he helped calm my worry and perform at my best,” recalls Petroccione.

Beloit’s curriculum has encouraged Petroccione to explore new areas of study as well. This year, he participated in the Duffy Partnership Program — a sociology elective that connects Beloit students with the greater community. “Before, I did not want to take a class outside of math and languages. The Duffy Program pushed me outside of my comfort zone, and I am excited to take the second semester course in the fall,” he explains.

The influence of Petroccione’s mentors and peers extends beyond the classroom. He enjoys interacting with his professors at events, and believes their dedication to Beloit outside the classroom creates meaningful connections. “They are people and they understand you,” he says. “It is nice to socialize on a personal level.”

The bond with his teammates has also opened Petroccione to new ideas and experiences. Connected by their love of the sport, the team supports one another and brings different majors, interests, and backgrounds together. He appreciates the care his coach, Josh Hinz’07, has for the program and the College. Hinz is Beloit’s all-time leading scorer.

“It’s a unique feeling because he knows what Beloit is about and what the student experience is like here. It is fun to play for someone who has given so much to the College,” explains Petroccione.

Thinking about his next steps after Beloit, Petroccione is thankful for his newfound sense of curiosity, and he plans to stay open-minded to all opportunities that come his way.

“So, I still don’t know what I want to do, but I am happy I don’t know. I’m curious about everything,” says Petroccione.

June 11, 2021

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