Enhancing Your Room

It’s never too early to start planning how you’ll set up your room on campus. Here’s what Beloit students can’t live without.

A series of potted plants with a Beloit pennant.

Original Artwork

Got a talented artist friend? Commission a piece from them, and you’ll have something totally new and original to feature on your wall. You could also shop on Art Finder or Etsy for more work from independent artists.

A Variety of Lighting

String lights, flameless candles, and floor lamps can change a room from “study mode” to “relaxing mode” with, quite literally, the flip of a switch.

Extra Storage

The key to campus living? Keeping the floor free of clutter. Get some storage bins you can slide under your bed, temporary shelving, or over-the-door holders for your closet.

Miniature Coffee Maker

If you’re a coffee drinker, you will always, always be glad to have this appliance within arm’s reach.

A Power Strip

This is one of those easy-to-forget items that’s absolutely essential. Use power strips for your phone, laptop, or lamps — just not high-power appliances, like fridges or microwaves.


As long as you or your roommate aren’t allergic, get a few low-maintenance plants to keep your room feeling fresh. We recommend aloe plants, succulents, or snake plants if you’re new to plant ownership.

To learn more about living at Beloit, visit beloit.edu/offices/residential-life/.

April 14, 2021

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