Black History Month: Learn, reflect, center

In a letter to campus, Beloit College leaders ask the college community to develop a deeper understanding of Black histories, achievements, and resilience—not only during Black History Month in February, but as a year-round commitment.

Dear Beloit College Community,

As we enter the month of February, we should all be mindful of some very important things regarding Black History Month.

February is a time for collective education, reflection, and centering. As the college deepens its commitment to becoming better, to becoming an anti-racist institution, developing a deeper understanding of Black History should be a year-round commitment.

Black History Month provokes us to hear and learn from the remarkable stories of Black achievement and excellence; deepen our appreciation for Black resilience and resolve; and be inspired by jaw-dropping examples of generosity and empathy. Giving yourself over to this month has the potential to be a catalyst to change you, and your world.

Along with myriad challenges, this year also has created an opportunity for deeper conversation about race in America, one based on a hard look in the mirror, a shoulder to the grindstone for the work that needs to happen, and an authentic glimmer of opportunity for anti-racism progress that is palpable and real … if we can stay focused.

Black History Month provides incremental focus. To be human is to care about your history, your history as an American. Our history as Americans is Black history. This month matters.

Within the Beloit community, opportunities to engage with others will unfold over the course of the month. The Office for Student Success, Equity, and Community is providing resources for us all, including how to protect Black women from violence; a GetWoke Panel focused on the pandemic and disparities in health care – hardly can there be a more timely subject; and recommended movies, reading suggestions, and more.

Seize the moment. Engage with others. Challenge yourself and your friends. Celebrate Black History Month with openness and energy.

Scott Bierman

Eric Boynton
Dean of the College

Cecil Youngblood
Dean of Students
Chief Diversity Officer

February 02, 2021

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