Life-Long Language Learning!

The Professional Language Training program offers language training adult learners and professionals.

Are you curious about learning a new language and discovering a new culture? Are you yearning to continue the language studies you started at Beloit College? Are you looking for a way to dive back into your Beloit experience and reconnect with others? Here is a great way to be involved with Beloit College!

Beloit College’s Center for Language Studies has expanded on its 39 years of summer language instruction with the Professional Language Training Program. Online courses in Chinese, Japanese, and Russian are available to Continuing Education students like you! 

The courses are taught by Beloit College language professors and the talented instructors from the Center for Language Studies summer program.

The Continuing Education tuition rate is $1,600 per course. Participants must have completed an undergraduate degree or be 25 years of age or older to join. Courses available from beginner to advanced levels. 


December 03, 2020


Josh Moore
Senior Director of Global and Immersive Learning


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