Data Scientist: Turning an Interest into a Successful Career

Elom Goka ’14 made the most out of his interest and became a Data Scientist.

Elom Goka works for the medical care provider Florida Blue as a Data Scientist, creating predictive models that analyze and improve the health of customers. Elom always had a strong interest in math and feels lucky to be able to use it in his career. He spends most of his workday coding and works from 9 AM to 5 PM with a lunch break. After graduating from Beloit, Elom obtained a master’s degree in Advanced Analytics, which served as a springboard to the field of data science.

Elom recommends students interested in data science go to grad school for computer science, since there will be a lot to learn and it is easier to pick up the foundations with some assistance from a structured program. At Beloit, he advises students take statistics and learn the main programming languages: Python, SQL, and R. And overall, “Be respectful and polite to everyone in life and at any job you have.”

Hayley Tran ’21, Hannah Gutelius ’20
July 28, 2019

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