Sophia Nowak Examines Measures of Dissipation Region in Collisionless Reconnection

Magnetic reconnection is a process that can convert magnetic energy into kinetic energy in highly conducting plasmas. A new Lorentz invariant scalar measure to identify the dissipation region in collisionless reconnection will be investigated. This measure will be tested and compared to other measures using the results of multiple two dimensional particle-in-cell simulations. The measure is expected to accurately locate the innermost region surrounding the reconnection site.


As a student with interest in physics, as well as topics in math and computer science, Sophia already finds herself looking forward to attending graduate school, which will enable her to dive even deeper into the areas of study that Beloit College has given her a taste of. She is excited to broaden her horizons through a summer research project with Beloit Professor Obioma Ohia. Sophia also has a love of horses, for both casual riding and show competitions, and a profound commitment to the idea that triangles are the strongest shape.

June 15, 2020

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