Financial Portfolios and Leadership

Building upon his economics courses, Garrett Moore ’20 spent his summer working as an analyst at Bank of America.

This summer, Garrett Moore ’20, a Business Economics and Political Science double major, had an internship back home in St. Louis, Missouri. He worked as an Advisor Development Summer Analyst for Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Through the internship, Garrett has learned a lot about different sectors of a Bulge Bracket Bank. “Bank of America is huge and learning about the different roles that each sector plays is very captivating. The biggest lesson that I have taken away so far was when I had the opportunity to have breakfast with a Managing Director of Bank of America and our conversation of what it means to be a leader. Having a congenial disposition and having the mindset of what I can do for others is a huge key to being a successful leader.”

Aimed to develop students’ interest in the economics discipline, Beloit Economics courses have been a huge catalyst in his hard work ethic and the acute nature of the work. The course that held the most relevance to his internship is Accounting. Sitting in on deals, looking through different portfolios that brokers have acquired and being able to comprehend the vocabulary and interpret data spread was definitely reassurance that those long nights of studying in the library and the tedious textbook reading assignments paid off.

By: Hayley Tran'21
July 14, 2019

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