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Inspired by friendships, studies, and alumni to work abroad post-Beloit

An international relations major, Jack Chelsky’20 is preparing to teach English in Japan through the JET program post-graduation. His inspirations: international student friendships, two summers spent volunteering and interning abroad, his international relations studies, and Beloit graduates who came before him.

What was your motivation to apply to the JET program?

Working abroad after graduating was always my motivation when I came to Beloit College. As a student and even as a prospective transfer student, I noticed how so many Beloit College students went on to do Fulbright or Peace Corps or to do amazing work with NGOs I genuinely supported and respected. Moreover, I always admired the senior IR majors and the work they went on to do, so I have been motivated to do something like this ever since finding Beloit College. My interest in JET started after making meaningful friendships with students from Japan. As the friendships developed, my interest in the country, culture, language, history, and motivation to work there did too.

How did your international education experience at Beloit affect your decision to apply for a job abroad?

When I decided to transfer to Beloit College, one of the main reasons was its small classes and international student population. I think forming friendships with international students, studying international relations, and taking advantage of opportunities to volunteer and intern abroad over the past two summers definitely gave me confidence I could work abroad directly after graduating. Learning a new language, adjusting to a new culture, and everything else will be challenging, but I am really motivated by my studies and by my diverse group of friends.

What do you want to achieve through this work or in the future?

My main goal is to have a career that requires me to follow international relations. Whether it is working for a university, foreign service, or an NGO, the skills I will take from Beloit College and the JET program will be instrumental.

Hiroaki Tani’20
April 09, 2020

  • Jack Chelsky’20 (left) relaxing with a Johannes Hollenhorst, an exchange student to Beloit from the University of Erfurt, on a terrace outside the Topkapi Palace overlooking the Bosphorus Straight.

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