Advice From the Wise Networkers

Not knowing an effective way to create a wider network for internships and jobs? Ask the seniors!

Understanding the difficulties of creating a wider network for the upcoming job and internship application season, three economics seniors, Garrett Cornelius Moore, Kelly Elizabeth McLean, and Beryl Sibyl Odonkor worked together to present a helpful workshop on networking tips for all current students. Using their experiences in networking gained from the previous annual Econ Days, the three seniors were thrilled to help answering students’ concerns on how to network effectively. The workshop was divided into three main sections: Presentation, Elevator Pitch practice and Networking role play.

In the first section, they took turns to share their experiences and stories of networking, as well as giving advice on how to attract the alumni or employers through elevator pitch. In order to help all students to understand how elevator pitches work, they asked the participants to introduce themselves briefly to a person nearby within two minutes. Their advice is to choose the most appealing and helpful personal strengths to introduce, as there will not be much time in real life for a student to attract alumni’s attention. By having certain practices on elevator pitch, it would help students to relieve the stress of not knowing what to say in front of an alumni. In the last part of the workshop, Garrett, Kelly and Beryl divided the participants into three groups and took turns to talk with each group while pretending to be alumnus. They shared about the background of the alumni they were acting, and listened to students’ elevator pitches. Students would receive their thoughts and advice on their personal introduction so as to prepare themselves better for the 34th annual ECON Day on February 21st, 2020.

Even though all three seniors are economics majors, all current students were welcomed to participate in the workshop. The given advice was helpful to all those who are searching for an internship or a job this upcoming summer. This workshop was a practical and informative event in this stressfully productive season of the year.

By: Dung Pham'22
February 29, 2020

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