Very, very cool physics from alum John Murphy ’18

John Murphy ’18 is a Mechanical Engineering student at UW Madison where he works on an extremely powerful refrigerator that will be used for quantum computing.

John Murphy ’18 is building a valve for a cryogenic refrigerator in the Solar Energy Lab/Cryogenic Engineering Lab at University of Wisconsin-Madison that will get down to temperatures below 100 mK. Getting down to these low temperatures will create more qubits, allowing bigger and more complex problems to be solved with a quantum computer. John was originally interested in quantum particles while taking Modern Physics because “it was so cutting edge yet abstract at the same time.”

John tells us that, “Beloit taught me that, while there are solutions to complex problems, you have to possess the drive to go out and find answers by drawing conclusions from various published work and asking the right questions to gain insight.”

By: John Murphy'18
December 24, 2019

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