Virtual Internship and Professional Growth

  • Stella Ivy Obeng-Darko

Presentation author(s)

Stella Obeng-Darko ’22, Accra, Ghana

Major: Quantitative Economics
Minor: Computer Science


During the fall Semester of my junior year, I partook in an internship with a property management firm in London,UK. With the current job outlook seemingly virtual, I wanted to use this opportunity to gain some skills that can prepare me for a career where I might not work in an office. My goal was to gain general knowledge of the industry and overall business ethics.

I will take you through what my daily tasks looked like and how the job met some of my expectations beforehand. We’ll get a breakdown of the positive aspects and also what can be improved, in my opinion. I will analyze how it might compare to an in-person experience instead.


Elizabeth Brewer

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