Summer 2021 On-Campus Living

Summer housing is available from May 26 to August 19 for students unable to return home or have an academic or work reason to remain on campus.

What are the days of the Summer 2021 Housing Session?

Summer Housing for 2021 is from May 26 to August 19, 2021. Those are the days for which you will be billed. If you stay for the entire Summer, you will be billed for 85 days.

Will I be able to live on campus during Summer 2021?

Students who remained on campus for the Spring 2021 semester will be able to continue to reside on campus over the summer if one or more of the following applies to them:

  • Difficulty booking flights limits their ability to leave campus by the May 26 end of semester move-out day.
  • Restrictions on crossing borders limits their ability to return home or move to a third location.
  • Safety concerns at home related to the COVID-19 pandemic make it unwise to leave campus.
  • Optional practical training (OPT) application approval is pending, necessitating remaining on campus until a graduating senior can relocate in the U.S. for OPT.
  • You have an academic reason to stay on campus (classes, research, internship, etc.)
  • You have a summer job on campus (Admissions, Residential Life, Facilities, etc.)

These conditions apply to domestic students and international students, including exchange students.

When and how do I let the college know I want to remain on campus?

All students residing on campus in Spring 2021 will receive a request to complete the Summer 2021 Housing Agreement form to request permission to live on campus. They can use the form to indicate

  • Whether they plan to remain on campus for all or a portion of the summer;
  • If they will remain for a portion, include a planned departure date, even if the departure date is not yet confirmed;
  • The reason(s) why the need to remain on campus; and
  • the activities they plan to engage in over the summer (courses, work, internships, etc.).

Do I have to commit to remaining on campus for the entire summer?

No, you have flexibility, as summer room and board are calculated on a per day basis (however, residents are charged by the week).

Will I be penalized if I leave campus before the departure date I originally indicated on the form?

No, as long as you formally check out, which you can do 24-hours/day, you will not be liable for daily room and board charges beyond your actual final day on campus.

Where can I live?

As in past years, students who remain on campus during the summer live in a limited number of residence halls. In summer 2021, they will live in one of the following air-conditioned residence halls: Blaisdell, Brannon, Chapin, Mauer, Peet, Porter, or Whitney.

How much will it cost to remain on campus?

The daily room rate is $12.26 and the daily meal rate $17.88. These rates are lower than in past years. The rates will help the college and Bon Appetit to cover costs. They will not generate any additional income for either the college or Bon Appetit. This means the total per day cost to stay on-campus for Summer 2021 is $30.14.

Do I have to pay for daily meals? What will the meals include?

Yes, all students residing on campus must pay the daily meal rate. This will allow Bon Appetit to offer meals and will also ensure that students have access to meals at a time when they have limited ability to purchase groceries. The daily rate includes two meals per day (one includes food for breakfast and lunch, the second for dinner) plus $15 in flex dollars. The flex dollars can be used to purchase food students can store in their rooms for use in between meals. Students will order meals for pick up from Commons.

Meals and flex dollars will reset every Friday morning. This means meals and flex dollars can not be carried over from one week to the next.

How will I be billed?

The accounting office will issue bills once it is informed by residence life of your planned stay on campus (start and end dates). You will have 30 days to make payment.

What do I do if I have difficulty making payment?

The accounting office will work with you to develop a payment plan.

Students can also request consideration for emergency financial assistance.

Which campus facilities will be open?

The mail room will continue to be open. The Powerhouse, Health and Wellness Center, and Hamilton’s will be open. Students will have access to the building in which they live.

Will I be able to work on campus? If so, when will job postings be announced?

It may be possible to work on campus. Check the student employment page for job listings.

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