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For Beloiters

A guide to editing the For Beloiters page

For Beloiters Photo of the Day

A starred photo from the Photo Of The Day image collection appears at the top-left.

Go to the For Beloiters group to change this image.


For Beloiters Announcements The announcements box shows the top 3 live announcements in the For Beloiters group. Go to Blurbs > Announcements to change the order of announcements (using balloons) or to change an announcement from live to hidden.

Featured links The featured links area shows links from the Featured Links For Beloiters navigation.

Go to Pages > Navigation to change these links.

For Beloiters Links

The Students links, Faculty/Staff links and links for Graduating Seniors are editable areas of the page. The headings are also editable. 

Click Edit Page in the LiveWhale toolbar to change these links. These boxes should contain links to other pages. It’s okay to include a small bit of text from time to time.



Alert style

The alerts box appears at the top of the page when there is a live alert in the For Beloiters group. Go to Blurbs > Alert to set up an alert. The top live alert will display.

Events The events bulletin bar shows upcoming events in the For Beloiters group.

Alumni widget The bottom of the page shows a random story tagged “alumni” from the Alumni group.

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