Becoming Better

Content on the Becoming Better site is managed by the group Becoming Better.


On the Becoming Better homepage, go to Edit Page to edit the majority of text content on the page.

To edit the goals, go to Blurbs > Becoming Better Goals and select the goal to change the title or description that appears on hover. The goals appear in balloon order: add or remove balloons to change the order on the homepage.

(Note: the goal order and titles on the Goals page have to be changed separately).

Happening @ Beloit Stories

Stories must have an image to appear in this area. Images are square: 570 x 570px. Historical stories won’t show here.

Our History Story

A story tagged with “our history” appears at the bottom of the homepage. Please add three images to this story: they appear in clockwise order.

Page Title

Go to Page details > Edit page details to change the homepage title that appears in Google and in the browser tab. The “Becoming Better” title is hardcoded.


The Goals page

Edit the page to change the goal title, goal description, and the long text displayed beneath each goal. 

Sidebar Stories

Stories appear in the sidebar that are tagged with “goals”. A random story appears when the page is loaded. If there are no tagged stories, then any non-historical story will appear.


Statistics can be displayed inside a yellow circle like this:

Becoming Better Circles

Select a paragraph of text, then choose the format style Circle Italics. Highlight the number, make it italics, and it will appear inside a circle. 

Becoming Better Circles


The History page

This page is editable. Three stories tagged with “historical” appear at the bottom with a square 203 x 203px image.

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