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The Student Experience: Mentorship  

Putting pen to paper

One intro class with English professor Chris Fink led Ben Katz’21 to not only major in creative writing, but also edit the Beloit Fiction Journal during his senior year.

Now, as he transitions from college to career, Ben hopes to combine his interests in public service and writing in the nonprofit sector — and write stories for literary journals on the side.

Meet Ben Katz

Ben Katz’21

This is

Campus Community

Grace’s Place opens with a focus on fellowship and inclusivity

The former Java Joint is now officially Grace’s Place, named after Grace Ousley, the first Black woman to graduate from Beloit College in 1904.

Students celebrated its grand opening that featured a day-long celebration of Black culture, with food, music, and free haircuts. Black Students United (BSU) members are using Grace’s Place to invite Black alumni and professionals to do workshops, Soulful Sundays, BIPOC town hall sessions, movie nights, and celebrations.

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Grace's place opening celebration. Grace’s place opening celebration.
Rafaella Pavarini de Souza?25
Rafaella Pavarini de Souza’25
Why They Chose Beloit 

From Brazil to Beloit

Rafaella Pavarini de Souza’25, a first-year student from Brazil, wants to use Beloit’s engaging, eclectic, and student-centered education to prepare her to establish her own consulting business.

“I’m trying to explore everything and meet as many people as I can. I’m loving it. It’s been perfect so far,” she says. “Everyone accepts who you are at Beloit. As an introverted person, it’s hard to feel comfortable in places that you’ve never been before. I don’t worry about other people judging me here. I think everyone so far has taught me something. And I think that’s the point of this place.”

Meet Rafaella Pavarini de Souza
Alumni in action

What just happened? Studying the Big Bang’s afterglow to find answers

As a University of Minnesota PhD candidate, Beloit College physics graduate Michael Cumrine’13 and his research group use telescopes in Antarctica to study the Big Bang’s afterglow. The question? What happened in its immediate aftermath.

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Michael Cumrine’13 at the Geographic South Pole in Beloit College Gear Michael Cumrine’13 at the Geographic South Pole in Beloit College Gear

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