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Midwest Flagship Match: Affordability Guaranteed

Removing cost from the equation

Cost is a big factor in choosing where you will attend college. So is the quality of the experience. And fit. Where would you thrive?

Our Midwest Flagship Match helps students compare options by removing cost from the equation. Students from six Midwestern states can attend Beloit knowing it will cost no more than their state’s flagship university. This is our commitment—to allow students to pursue the quality education they deserve.

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With proper distance and cleaning, students continue to do hands-on learning in the lab.

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Finding her community

Amid all 2020’s uncertainty, students in Beloit’s class of 2024 also faced a major decision: where to go to college. For nearly as many reasons as there are first-year students, they picked Beloit

Milwaukee native Autumn Green felt at home immediately. “I really liked how friendly everyone on campus was and how diverse the student body was,” she says.

Now we’re getting ready to welcome the class of 2025. 

Join Autumn at Beloit

Autumn Green'24, of Milwaukee, Wis., found a sense of belonging on campus this fall?even with the... Autumn Green'24, of Milwaukee, Wis., found a sense of belonging on campus this fall—even with the constraints of physical distancing.

Saumyaa Gupta?24 plans to major in political science and minor in psychology.
Saumyaa Gupta’24 plans to major in political science and minor in psychology.
Keeping our community strong

I felt connected even though I was the only one on-screen

Studying remotely from her home in India, Saumyaa Gupta’s first semester in college wasn’t what she imaged. While she wished she could be on campus and make new friends, she still felt connected with her classmates and friends because of social media and the accommodations her professors made.

“At first, it felt a bit strange because I was the only one on Zoom, but my professors understood my feelings and found a solution that allowed me to see the whole class during lectures,” Saumyaa said. “My professors were really understanding. They always made sure that they took my case into consideration.”

Meet Saumyaa Gupta’24 
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