To read about Beloit’s Fall 2020 plans, visit our Back at Beloit information site.

Back at Beloit

Planning a safe, sensible, and smart return to campus

We’re excited to invite our community back to campus. It’ll be different, but we’re putting in place plans to keep everyone healthy while maintaining what’s best about Beloit. Faculty are reimagining classes, staff are finding new ways to deliver services, and students are sharing ideas about staying safe while supporting a vibrant community.

It’s a changing world, and many things can feel uncertain. But Beloit is changing too. And we’re ready to do whatever it takes to make sure every Beloit student gets a great education.

Back at Beloit

Students wear masks and practice social distancing

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Beloiters helping Beloiters

Alumni Step Up to Mentor 2020 Grads

Beloiters’ deep commitment to their community has always lasted long past graduation. And in this challenging and unusual year, we’ve seen unprecedented alumni support for our graduates.

“Beloiters Helping Beloiters” is a new initiative that matches Beloit graduates with successful alumni, helping them start their careers in a challenging job market. It’s part of the Advanced Mentoring Program component of the Beloit Action Plan.
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Founded in 1846, Beloit is Wisconsin’s oldest college.Founded in 1846, Beloit is Wisconsin’s oldest college.
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See the real Beloit without leaving home

We’ve collected some of our favorite videos from the Beloit community, to show you how great this place is. There’s no substitute for seeing Beloit in person, but this’ll have to do, until you can join us in person!

Beloit Video Tour

Our students are interested in everything and ready for anything.

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