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‘My professors have pushed me to see new things’

Nicoló Petroccione feels the support of his Beloit mentors and peers — on the basketball court, in the classroom, and beyond. Beloit’s curriculum has encouraged Petroccione to open his mind and explore new areas of study. “My professors have pushed me to see new things, and everything I study is influential,” he says.

Petroccione is a rising senior and Orientation Leader (OL). New Beloiters will meet him and the OL team at Summer Orientation (July 6-15).

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Nicoló Petroccione’22

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Meet a Beloiter: Professor Profiles

Gaming the classroom

Physics and astronomy professor Britt Scharringhausen uses tabletop role-playing games to incorporate math concepts and broader life lessons into her teaching.

“One of my favorite definitions of ‘game’ is that it’s a series of interesting choices. I think about how classrooms can be like that,” says Scharringhausen. “I want to create lots of opportunities for that lightbulb moment to happen.”

Questions about your new home? Learn more about residence life on our housing options page.
Questions about your new home? Learn more about residence life on our housing options page.

Five tips for living with a roommate

Hey, new Beloiters! We recently released your 2021-22 room assignment (via email). As you begin to plan for the fall, our current Beloiters are providing helpful tips for living with a roommate for the first time.

This is just the first step as we welcome you to campus. We can’t wait for you to get to know your classmates at Summer Orientation and register for your first semester at Beloit.

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Our Community: Honoring a beloved professor

The kind of teacher who changes your life

After his sudden death in August 2020, a group of former students and friends came together to honor mathematics professor Ranjan Roy. They created the Ranjan Roy Tuition Award to support future mathematics students.

Beloved by generations of students calling him the best math teacher they ever had, Roy brought passion and knowledge to his teaching and sparked an interest in math among students with little confidence in the subject.

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Shivangi Ambardar’21 and Professor Ranjan Roy Shivangi Ambardar’21 and Professor Ranjan Roy

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