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When visiting Beloit, you can explore our spectacular Powerhouse, two museums, and the groundbreaking Center for Entrepreneurship. We’ll show you the spaces where you’ll eat, study, workout, and sleep too.

Let Beloiters show you campus through an interactive Passport to Beloit event on July 30 or August 6 or take a tailored weekday tour anytime. If you can’t make it to campus — or if you visit and start to miss us as soon as you leave — you can attend as many virtual visits as you like.

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Vaccination stories show faculty and staff care for our community

As we approach fall semester, Beloit College is requiring faculty, staff, and students to be vaccinated to allow the College to provide the best in-person experience for our students — safely.

We invited several well-known faculty and administrators to share how they view the benefits of getting the vaccine. For many of them, the rewards are also close to home.

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 Ava (right) and Hannah (left) at Art House in 2017 ...

Ava (right) and Hannah (left) at Art House in 2017

Giving Back: Student Initiatives 

Where the sidewalk ends

Ava Rockafield’20 and Hannah Oxford’20 partnered to create an art piece for the Merrill Community Garden inspired by Shel Silverstein’s 1974 classic “Where The Sidewalk Ends.”

“We wanted to leave behind something in Beloit, because we love this city, and it’s where we’ve grown into who we are now….Overall, this mural brought me a lot of joy to work on, and I hope it brings Kaelyb and my Beloit neighbors joy,” says Rockafield.

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Why they Chose beloit

Having faith in your own abilities

Rajvi Thakkar’21 acquired countless skills as a double major in religious studies and international relations at Beloit. Perhaps more importantly, though, she became confident she could handle ambiguous or uncomfortable situations — like spending the summer and her senior year away from home in the middle of a global pandemic.

“You have to gather the tools to be able to navigate those kinds of scenarios,” she says.

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Rajvi Thakkar’21

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