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Beloiters are united in their uniqueness, believe in the strength of an inclusive community, stay connected for a lifetime, and learn from the world around them.

Sound like you? Start here. Make a difference. Become the best version of you. And then head into the world ready to do good work.

Be uncommon. Be unstoppable. Become a Beloiter.

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Academics at Beloit

Every opportunity is ahead of you

With 40+ majors and minors to pursue, Beloit students acquire depth and breadth of knowledge, along with the transformative skills and practices that explicitly link their experiences with their futures.

From Anthropology to Data Science to Media Studies to Theatre & Dance — every major and minor prepares students for successful careers and meaningful lives.

Students participate in a physics experiment at the Sanger Center for the Sciences. The department offers courses in Students participate in a physics experiment at the Sanger Center for the Sciences. The department offers courses in engineering, physics, and astronomy.

Erica Daniels

Staff Excellence

Erica Daniels honored with a YWCA Women of Distinction award

Erica Daniels, Beloit College’s chief of staff and secretary of the college, has been named a YWCA Rock County’s Woman of Distinction for her professional achievements and community service.

The honor is well deserved, says Beloit College colleague and Help Yourself Program Director Regina Hendrix. “When Erica walks into a room, her aura exudes that of a Woman of Distinction,” Hendrix says. “Young people and elders are drawn to her spirit. Erica makes you want to do better and be better, and inspires those around her.”

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Inspiring Entrepreneurship

Cooking your way through college

Experiential learning is an integral part of being a Beloiter. Jagvi Dey’24, Abhey Singh Guram’24, and Abhishek Shekhar’24 created Himalayan Kitchen as an entrepreneurial special project because of the lack of South Asian food options on campus.

“All of us have very different skill sets, very different strengths, so I feel like this is a great experience for us to come together and collaborate, and then manage being friends and also working professionally,” Jagvi says. “We find ways to make our skills work for the objective.”

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Abhishek Shekhar’24 helps out in the 609 kitchen on symposium day. Abhishek Shekhar’24 helps out in the 609 kitchen on symposium day.

Lorine Niedecker photo in the Codex, Beloit's yearbook. Lorine Niedecker’s photo in theCodex, Beloit College’s yearbook.

Inspiring Alumni

“O My Floating Life”: In Search of the Elusive Wisconsin Poet Lorine Niedecker’26

Lorine Niedecker’s poetry was on the cutting-edge of 20th century modernism, but it was largely unknown and unrecognized until years after her passing in 1970. Passionate advocates like the Friends of Lorine Niedecker as well as Beloit College Archivist Emeritus Fred Burwell’86 and Professor of English Chris Fink hope to raise her profile on campus and throughout the Midwest.

“It was so obvious to teach her work at Beloit College,” Fink says. “She went here for two years. She’s Wisconsin’s most famous poet. Beloit has such a rich history of creative writing, and she’s such a pinnacle of that. And what an inspiring personal story of someone who comes from the region, who’s unknown, a first-generation college student. She didn’t graduate from Beloit, but it left an impression on her. Her personal story, as well as her poetry, has been inspiring to me and my students.”

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