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Why they Chose Beloit

Finding her community

Amid all 2020’s uncertainty, students  now in Beloit’s class of 2024 also faced a major decision: where to go to college.

For nearly as many reasons as there are first-year students, they picked Beloit

Milwaukee native Autumn Green felt at home immediately. “I really liked how friendly everyone on campus was and how diverse the student body was,” she says.

Meet Autumn Green

Autumn Green'24, of Milwaukee, Wis., found a sense of belonging on campus this fall?even with the...

Autumn Green'24, of Milwaukee, Wis., found a sense of belonging on campus this fall—even with the constraints of physical distancing.

This is

ingenuity, adaptability, equity, opportunity

Everything feels possible

The world has changed and we’re ready for it.

Watch Beloit faculty, students, and staff describe how Beloit’s innovative nature and community spirit make our school uniquely capable of navigating these unpredictable times.

The best institutions rise to moments of challenge and turn themselves into something better. That’s Beloit right now. Take a look.

Become a Beloiter

Advantage: Home

Outstanding value close to home

We know that many students are considering staying closer to home for college during this uncertain time, but they can still pursue an affordable, high-quality education at Beloit.

Our Midwest Flagship Match allows new students from six Midwestern states to enroll at Beloit without paying more than it would cost to attend their flagship state school.

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Alumni: Helping Students Succeed

Meeting Covid’s extraordinary challenges 

Even in normal times, DeVon Wilson’90 works with academically talented students contending with disproportionate obstacles. 

The pandemic made life even more difficult for the primarily first-generation, low-income, and underrepresented undergraduates he serves as director of UW Madison’s Center for Academic Excellence. But Wilson and his team flew into action to support, retain, and recruit this important cohort of students. Wilson is one of five alumni we feature who are bringing their best work forward at a time of great need.

Read their stories

DeVon Wilson'90 and his team ramped up their efforts to retain and recruit underrepresented stude... DeVon Wilson'90 and his team ramped up their efforts to retain and recruit underrepresented students.

  • <article class="inner"><div class="story-block-left"><picture class="lw_image"> <source type="image/webp" srcset="/live/image/gid/113/width/600/src_region/434,0,1798,1365/6900_IMG_6531.rev.1605206624.webp 1x"/> <source type="image/jpeg" srcset="/live/image/gid/113/width/600/src_region/434,0,1798,1365/6900_IMG_6531.rev.1605206624.jpg 1x"/> <img src="/live/image/gid/113/width/600/src_region/434,0,1798,1365/6900_IMG_6531.rev.1605206624.jpg" alt="Abby, a double major in theater and biology, plans to use her Beloit education to forge a career ..." width="600" loading="lazy"/> </picture> <div class="story-block-caption">Abby, a double major in <a href="/academics/theatre-dance/">theater</a> and <a href="/academics/biology/">biology</a>, plans to use her Beloit education to forge a career path making science more accessible through art.</div></div><div class="story-block-right"><h5 class="story-block-meta">Supporting current and future students <strong/></h5><h4 class="story-block-title">The Be All In campaign makes financial aid a top priority</h4><div class="story-block-text"><p> Abby Bender’21 has flourished at Beloit. Were it not for the generous financial aid from alumni, parents, and other Beloit community members, Abby might not have chosen and then fallen in love with Beloit.<br/><br/> “If I hadn’t received the funding from Beloit, I would’ve gone somewhere else. And I wouldn’t have had the same opportunities,” she said.<br/><br/> Our students are at the center of everything we do. To recruit and retain the best students, we offer generous student financial aid. That is why the Be All In campaign, through the <a href="">Annual Fund</a>, has committed to raising $19 million for student financial aid in the next five years. Help us discover more students like Abby Bender.</p><br/><a class="arrow-btn" href="">Support financial aid</a></div></div></article>

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