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Meet the Tutors


Name: Weston Anderson
Hometown: Broomfield, Colorado (Our major cash crop back in the day was broom straw)
Major: Economics/Literary Studies
Interesting factoid: I can pronounce the alphabet as if it were one long word.
Tutoring Observation: The one-sentence thesis is a mean, intimidating piece of bad advice that leads to generic, unspecific intro paragraphs and aimless, purposeless essays. I bet you anything that your ideas are probably too big and too complex to fit into a single sentence. It's okay, give yourself permission to break out of the formulas; they can only take you so far.

Name: Sasha Debevec-McKenney
Hometown: Windsor, CT
Major: Creative Writing, with minors in American Studies and Journalism
Interesting factoid: I have a big afro, I am a television connoisseur, and I love making/consuming sandwiches.
Tutoring Observation: Outlines make everything easier.

Name: Kate Flynn
Hometown: Hancock, MI
Major: Creative Writing
Interesting factoid: Until this year I was the only Beloit College student from the UpperPeninsula.
Tutoring Observation: Although writing seems like a solitary pursuit, working on it with someone else can make it so much easier.

Name: Mara Haupert

Hometown: Catawba, WI

Major: Psychology

Interesting factoid: I spent three years at an environmentally focused boarding school in the wilderness of northern Wisconsin.

Name: Cat Kealey

Hometown: New Rochelle, New York

Major: Mathematics

Interesting factoid: I’ve written four papers for math classes (writing happens everywhere).
Tutoring Observation: It helps to talk about your writing with another person to solidify your ideas and locate areas that need work.

Name: Rachel Siddens
Hometown: Santa Cruz, California
Major: Literary Studies
Interesting Factoid: I can play three different instruments.
Tutoring Observation: Semicolons are one of the most important and incorrectly used writing tools.

Name: Joe Stubbs
Hometown: Lexington, MA
Major: History
Interesting factoid: Noam Chomsky lives in my town.
Tutoring Observation: Always think about how the point you are making relates to the points before and after it and to your overall argument.

Name: Amanda Sullivan
Hometown: Saukville, WI
Major: Creative Writing, Music and Journalism minors
Interesting factoid: I have six rabbits at home that I love dearly: Nibbles, Boxer, Samoa, Mama Bunny, Grey Bunny, and Shadow!
Tutoring Observation: Write what comes from the heart and about subjects that interest you instead of trying to fit a mold--improvement from there will happen much more successfully!

Name: Helena Tiedmann
Hometown: Warren, Connecticut
Major: Environmental Geology and Political Science
Interesting Factoid: I grew up on an organic farm and went to an all-girls boarding school.
Tutoring Observation: It's important to take every opportunity to use your imagination in your writing; you and your readers will have a lot more fun that way.

Name: Joseph Woods
Hometown: Madison, WI
Major: Lit. Studies
Interesting factoid: I recently installed Ubuntu, a flavour of Linux, on my computer. For fun.
Tutoring Observation: There is no such thing as a particularly mechanically-strong paper; at best, the grammar and style of a piece of writing will not detract from its readability in an academic context, and only very rarely will it add any particular vigor or spice to the performance of the text. Bad writing can, however, destroy a paper, essay, or work very easily, and cliches can plow readability into the ground. Boringness is in this context, however, very different from mechanical flaws.