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X-Ray Photographs

Between Science and Art: X-Ray Photographs of Judith K. McMillan
September 24 - December 12, 2004

The work of photographer Judith McMillan takes the examination of plants to a new realm. Using an X-ray machine as her camera, McMillan photographs the internal structure of plants, revealing the beauty of the natural forms invisible to the human eye. After a period of experimentation using an X-ray museum at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, she began creating photo-grams on film. She uses specimens collected through the seasons, recording the transformation from bud to blossom. Occasionally insects wander into her work, such as bees and an enormous female walking stick. In a wonderful marriage of science and art, an unseen microcosm emerges from within the complexity of botanical forms.

Big Clean Wow

Big, Clean, Wow - Faculty Art Exhibition
October 1 - December 19, 2004

Faculty from the Beloit College Department of Art and Art History will exhibit their latest work.

Beneath the Water Line

Beneath the Water Line: An Exhibit by OV Shaffer Documenting the Building of The Landing
May 21, 2004 - September 12, 2004

Creating large scale sculpture is a long and involved process. This exhibition helps visitors understand and experience the process by viewing sketches, drawings, and models created for the 60 foot sculpture, The Landing, that will stand in Ironworks Park. The Landing will be dedicated Saturday, May 22, 2004.

Begin your celebration of ArtWalk Weekend on the Beloit College campus.

5pm dedication of "Siren" on the west lawn of the World Affairs Center. Opening reception for Beneath the Waterline immediately follows in the Wright Museum Courtyard. The reception will feature the book release of Shaffer in Beloit and limited edition Art Book Boxes by the artist, OV Shaffer.

The museum will be open Friday May 21st from 11am to 9pm.
Saturday 11am-4pm


June 25, 2004 - September 15, 2004

Joan Backes brings nature into the Wright Museum with an installation in the Main Gallery.