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Representing Time

[Representing Time]

2012 MUST Exhibition Practicum

 George Bellows

[George Bellows Exhibition] 

Opening reception on September 19th to include Distinguished New York art dealer and Bellows expert Franklin Riehlman who will address the audience.

Drawn from the collection of Victor Ferrall, President Emeritus of Beloit College and his wife Linda Smith, the exhibition showcases Bellows’ recurring themes of family and city life, boxing, culture and class distinctions, and the horrors of modern war.

This show coincides with a year-long, comprehensive exhibition of Bellows’ work mounted by, and now open at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., and later travelling to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the Royal Academy of Arts in London.


[Beloit and Vicinity]

 55th Annual Beloit and Vicinity Exhibition
June 9 - July 20 2012

North Gallery and Courtyard 

The oldest continuous juried art competition in the state of Wisconsin.  This years curators were Ashleigh Herrera '13, and Emily Bianchi '12.  This years exhibition features 35 works of art created by 32 artists from the region.

21 Irving by Alice O'Neill
June 9 - July 20, 2012

[Alice O'Neill] 

South Gallery

The collection investigates memory, mortality, family, and fantasy. The complexities surrounding the present with past history are intertwined with the notion of place, time and memory.  I see how objects hold emotional value and can illicit a chain of memories. Through mark making the simple lines, textures and patterns inform the past but also begin to write their own history. Creating still images allows me to crystallize past times, fantasized and real. -- Alice O’Neill


Fourteen: Senior Studio Art Exhibition
Beloit College Art Majors present their Senior show
 April 13th to  May 13th


Capitalizing on Communism: Russian Propaganda in the Post-Soviet Context
Russian political posters from the WMA's permanent collection will be on display in conjunction with the Weissberg Program conference "Russia after the Collapse of Communism: Prospects for Liberalization".
March 30 - April 6
North Gallery


Jason S. Yi "Move a Mountain"
January 13 - March 23
North Gallery

 [Jason S. Yi Installation]


Brass and Clockwork: Steampunk
A group show curated by student Tanya Cohan-Diaz
February 21 - March 25
Neese Gallery