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PAN: A Graphic Arts Time Capsule of Europe, 1895 - 1900

The George S. Parker II funded traveling exhibit for 2014. "PAN" exhibits over 70 framed works from the world's first Art Magazine. Organized by Landau Traveling Exhibits, Los Angeles, CA. The exhibit will be on display through October.
Hollensteiner Gallery


Andrew Sendor: Painting Dialects

The Ginsberg Family Artist in Residence: Contemporary painter, Andrew Sendor.


Recent Acquisitions

A selection of works recently acquired by the museum. Objects include: German Expressionist prints and drawings, a Hoffman chair and settee, prints by Andy Warhol, prints and paintings from Schomer Lichtner and Ruth Grotnenrath, Russian Propaganda Posters, and Political Cartoons from Warren Miller.

South Gallery


Yuyanapaq: Para Recordar

Sixteen recently acquired photos from the original exhibition coordinated by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Peru, documenting the Shining Path rebellion during the 1980's and 90's. Neese Gallery