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Beloit College

Student Symposium is taking place tomorrow, April 17. Click here for details, schedule.

Human Rights Job Shadowing

San Francisco Job Shadowing

Job shadowing is a valuable way to network and develop a clearer sense of your career goals.  Beloit College alumni who are professionals in the field of human rights host students over spring break to explore the skills, actions, experiences and resources important to doing work of great consequence.

Weissberg-Funded Students for Job Shadowing 2013

Rhiannon Decker’15 (major: undeclared)  

Rhiannon is particularly interested in the operation of nonprofit organizations and plans to draw comparisons between larger-scale organizations in San Francisco and smaller organizations in Beloit where she has worked.  She will be hosted by Elena Ilena Nicklassen ’06, Development Officer for On Lok Lifeways.

Tatiana Rosario’15 (majors: political science, sociology, minor: Russian)

Tatiana has been involved in social justice and human rights activities since high school, including organizing youth engagement with Nobel prize winners.  She is particularly interested in legal approaches to human rights issues and plans to attend law school.  She will be hosted by Christine Troy’92, Immigration Attorney.

Geyuan Tian’15 (major: undeclared)

Geyuan is and international student from China interested in health and social justice issues, specifically related to domestic minorities.  She serves as a student member of the Committee on International Education.  She will be hosted by the Global Fund for Women (organized by Elena Nicklassen’06)  

Yasmin Rodriguez’15 (major: education and youth studies)  

Yasmin is studying to become a teacher, but has a longer goal of administering schools.  She is keenly interested in policy, particularly educational policy and the analysis of social factors affecting education.  She will be hosted by Andrew Wiegand ‘92, Senior Social Scientist, Social Policy Research Associates

Application Information

Deadline for Applications: November 2013 for spring 2014 for job shadowing.

Criteria for Applicants:

- Demonstrated interest and involvement in understanding and improving human rights, through coursework, activities and associations

- Desire to work in the field of human rights after graduation

- Priority will go to sophomores, but all class levels may apply

To Apply:

  • Students will be nominated by faculty members.  Students can request a nomination.
  • Nominees will be invited to submit a completed application form (see link below);
  • If the faculty member nominating you is not your advisor, you should discuss your plans with your advisor and ask him or her to send a brief note of support;  
  • All application materials should be emailed to and

Download Application Form

Past Job Shadowing Trips

Washington, DC, Spring 2012

See a video about the 2012 visit to DC.

Job Shadowing Group 2012 

Spring 2012 Participants

Joseph Caldwell’14 (Host: Adam Koons'76), health and society major.   Joe has developed his interest in public health  and human rights through his work with a clinic for people living with HIV/AIDS and with an immigrant integration center for Sudanese refugees.  He plans on studying abroad in India next year to explore structural factors in underdevelopment as it relates to health. 

Dingxi “Safari” Fang’14 (Host: Colin O'Neil'08), environmental biology major with a minor in anthropology.  Safari is an international student from China, where she carried out an internship last summer with the Dongjen Center for Human Rights Education and Action in Beijing, focusing on public education about HIV and advocacy for people living with HIV.   She is interested in the connection between environmental policy and food security.  

Alen Keric’14 (Host: Natalie Chwalisz'07), performance and media studies major with a minor in political science.  Alen is an international student from Bosnia where he has worked for both the Center for Children’s Rights and Save the Children and has also helped facilitate the International  Summer School on Peace and Conflict Resolution.   He is interested in the connections between performance and human rights in their practical application. 

Amanda Lawnicki’14 (Host: Michael Levy'76), international relations and Russian major.  Amanda will be studying abroad next year in Russia and Serbia.  She has studied the politics of mass atrocities at Beloit College and will focus her year abroad on memorial and public memory.   She hopes to better understand how memorials in Washington, DC, navigate political boundaries.

Phong Tran’14 (Host: Beth Rhyne), international relations major with minor in Asian Studies.   Phong is an international student from Vietnam whose studies in international relations have focused heavily on human rights and who has been active in the Model United Nations club.  He plans to focus his study on conflicts, human rights abuses and policies making during his semester abroad in Belgium next year.  He is particularly interested in human rights policy in an interconnected  world.

Spring 2012 Hosts:

Adam Koons'76, Director of Relief and Humanitarian Assistance, International Relief and Development

Michael Levy'76, Director of Digital Collections, Holocaust Museum 

Colin O'Neil'08, Policy Analyst, Center for Food Safety

Natalie Chwalisz'07, Rethink Media

Beth Rhyne, Weissberg Chair 09, Managing Director, Center for Financial Inclusion