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Employment Opportunities

After-School Tutor


  • Must be flexible, patient, attentive and responsible when dealing with students
  • Must be dependable, honest, and mature
  • Must be able to identify and assist student with his/her weaknesses and strengths
  • Must have excellent writing, oral and interpersonal communication skills
  • Must be motivated and dedicated to helping students improve and succeed academically.
  • Applicants must have a 3.0 minimum GPA
  • Have good written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to work with students from varied backgrounds, age groups and skill level
  • Must be friendly, patient, and sensitive to a diversity of students.
  • Demonstrate above-average ability in college-prep high school academic areas
  • Experience working with low-income youth
  • Previous tutoring and/or leadership experience is preferred
  • Has to be at least a sophomore
  • Low-income and/or first-generation background preferred


  • Reports to the Academic Coordinator
  • Tutors will work with students in their content areas of expertise.
  • Tutoring students on a one‐to‐one basis or in small group sessions.
  • Provide specialized instruction in individual subject areas
  • Answer questions on course content
  • Aid in the comprehension of course material.
  • Required to attend training sessions that will provide skills needed to be successful.
  • Review class material with students which may include:

            o Discussing the text

            o Predicting test questions

            o Formulating ideas for papers

            o Working on solutions to problems


            Most selected tutors will be federal college work-study students.

How to Apply:

Applicants must complete the application and submit a copy of transcript (unofficial is acceptable) to:

Vanessa Beckham

Academic Coordinator-Upward Bound Program

Mailbox #: 189

Office: (608) 363-2723

Cell: (608) 346-5797

Fax: (609) 363-2139