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Student Research Colloquium and Speaker Series

As part of the Miller Upton programs, the Department of Economics at Beloit College has initiated the Charles G. Koch Student Research Colloquium and Speaker Series. Directed by Professor Marta Podemska-Mikluch, the research colloquium has two primary goals. First, the colloquium gives students the opportunity to further develop their interest in the ideas and institutions underpinning a free and prosperous society. This is achieved through the discussion of seminal articles aimed at deepening students’ understanding of the market process. The second goal of the colloquium is to further develop our students’ research abilities. The economics department faculty agree with Nobel Laureate James Buchanan’s adage that “writing is research.” We believe that students understand economic ideas more deeply by applying them to novel contexts and articulating an argument to a wide variety of audiences. Each member of the colloquium is expected to write an article with the eventual goal of publication in a newspaper, magazine, or academic journal. Throughout the semester, Professor Podemska-Mikluch works with the students on honing their research, writing, and communication skills.

Both of these goals are supported with a monthly speaker series that brings outside scholars to campus. This speaker series complements the annual Upton Forum by exposing students to the next generation of scholars working on questions central to our understanding of the nature and causes of wealth and well-being. In addition to being able to observe and discuss important new research in political economy, students are able to learn from the example of these carefully selected speakers.

While the speaker series is open to all majors of the economics department, because of its hands-on nature, the colloquium is limited to eight students selected by Professor Podemska-Mikluch in consultation with the rest of the faculty. If you have questions about the research colloquium or speaker series, please contact Professor Podemska-Mikluch at

The student research colloquium and speaker series is supported by a generous grant from the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation.