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Energy and Water Use/Physical Plant

The Sustainability Fellows who are placed at the Beloit College Physical Plant will join Director Tom Viel in assessing the potential for improvements in water and energy use on campus. Fellows may evaluate the costs and benefits of various projects such as installing a new dish machine in Commons, replacing the heating and cooling systems in C-Haus, weatherizing student housing, replacing outdoor lights with LEDs, and placing occupancy sensors in the Strong Stadium building. The 2015 fellows will extend the work of past Sustainability Fellows and examine new issues.


Emily Vogelhuber and Samantha Schonberger served as Physical Plant Sustainability Fellows in 2014. Past Energy and Water Use Fellows and their posters are listed below:

  • Emily Vogelhuber, Radon Management, 2014
  • Samantha Schonberger, Irrigation at Strong Stadium, 2014
  • Ariana Cocallas, Cooling the Campus: Beloit College Chillers, 2013
  • Lydia Stensberg, Campus Streetlight LED Retrofit: Initial Research Summary, 2013
  • Logan Jacobson and Richea Smith, Should Beloit College Go Solar?, 2012
  • Richea Smith and Logan Jacobson, Greening Campbell Hall: Retrofit Recommendations, 2012
  • Grace Kellogg and Isaac Bamgbose, Optimizing Chiller Performance at Beloit College, 2011
  • Isaac Bamgbose and Grace Kellogg, Hydroelectric Power: Should Beloit College buy the Beloit Dam?, 2011
  • Grace Kellogg and Sierra Anseeuw, From Energy Audits to Economic Analysis, 2010
  • Sierra Anseeuw and Grace Kellogg, Performing an Energy Audit, 2010