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Beloit College

Sustainability at Beloit College

Beloit College is dedicated to equipping our students with the skills to tackle today’s sustainability challenges. Aligned with our Mission Statement, Beloit College incorporates sustainability into the academic, residential, and community aspects of the liberal arts culture to prepare our students to be leaders in sustainability and leaders within their respective fields. 

One strong commitment that Beloit College has is engaging in sustainability activities through the Pathways to Sustainability Leadership Program.


To ensure we are crafting a Beloit College Sustainability Plan that represents the College community, please read the "DRAFT Sustainability Plan for Beloit College" on the right and submit your feedback and questions HERE.

Tools for Beloit Change Agents

Beloit College has the following tools to equip our students to be sustainability change agents on campus and in the community.


The Beloit College Revolving Loan Fund (BCRLF), also called the Sustainability Project Fund, provides initial capital for environmentally friendly projects.


The Sustainability Fellows Program gives students the opportunity to contribute their expertise to a sustainability project on campus or in the Beloit community.

Beloit College President Scott Bierman on Sustainability:


"I strongly support the current and future sustainable activities on campus.  I believe that there are both economic and educational reasons for enhancing efforts to identify sustainability projects.  Of particular interest are projects that meet reasonable cost-benefit tests; curricular opportunities that introduce environmental issues into courses in a variety of disciplines; and research projects that expand our understanding of the complex interplay between environmental systems and environmental policy."