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Participation Requirements

As a member of SSS you must complete all program participation requirements in order to be eligible for the grant aid award, check-out program resources, attend special events, and maintain your enrollment in the program. To check on the status of your participation please review the Participation Record.

The Requirements

I agree to:

Attend the SSS Summer Bridge program
(offered in August for all incoming First Year students).

Meet with my SSS Counselor and SSS Mentor at least 8 times a semester (Freshman).
Meet with my SSS Counselor at least 2 times a semester (Sophomore, Junior, & Senior).

Attend a MINIMUM of 1 Academic workshop per semester.
(only those students with a 2.75 CUM GPA or below)

Attend a MINIMUM of 1 Personal or Career Development workshop per year.

Attend a MINIMUM of 2 Financial Literacy workshops per year.

Participate in at least 3 hours of Community Service per year.

Be honest and conscientious with my SSS Counselor and use the services of SSS to help me be a successful college student.

Meet with my SSS Counselor to discuss any "Academic Alert" Slips and/or Midterm Evaluation concerns.

We understand that you cannot always attend our events. If you would like to use a non-SSS event to fulfill one (or more) of your program requirements please complete the following steps:

  • Contact our office to get approval PRIOR to attending the event.  
  • Complete the Event Verification Form 
  • Return the form within 10 days of the event


SSS Student Oath 

I will be committed to my education. 
I will continually strive for excellence in my personal and academic growth.
I will take full advantage of the campus & SSS program resources.
I will support my fellow TRiO members.
I will give back to my community.

I will survive. I will succeed.