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Grant Aid

The SSS Grant Aid Award is a financial award available to SSS participants through a generous grant from the US Department of Education.

 SSS Grant Aid is intended to:

  • Improve participant retention  by supplementing financial assistance for low-income participants with unmet financial need.
  • Improve academic success by reducing the number of hours participants need to work.
  • Provide incentives for participants to make timely progress in their degree program and successfully complete their coursework.
  • Demonstrate support for participants who are actively using SSS resources to facilitate their academic success.

 Criteria to be eligible:

  • Pell Grant recipient.
  • Unmet financial need  (determined by the Office of Financial Aid).
  • Good academic standing  (minimum 2.25 cum GPA).
  • Enrolled full-time.
  • Freshman or Sophomore class standing.
  • Complete all program Participation requirements and attend Mandatory Financial Literacy Workshop.

Grant Aid Award Application
LATE or INCOMPLETE applications will NOT be considered.


"Student Support Services holds a very important place in my heart.  Not only does it help alleviate a little of the daunting cost of college, but it has provided me with a safe haven for dealing with personal issues.  I find SSS to be a caring place where I can go to talk about anything that I need to and get the advice and help I require.  I'm glad that Beloit College has this program, and I don't know how I could've survived Freshman year without it."

-- Devon A. ‘12