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Jennifer Stitt

I came to Beloit from a local community college as a first generation, financially “independent” student.  I received my Bachlor's degree in Communications and Teacher Certification from Beloit in 1995 and a Master degree in Communication from Illinois State University in 2000. 

My time at Beloit was an amazing experience but I often felt overwhelmed, constantly worried about money, and sometimes doubted my ability to succeed.  Although I managed to maintain good academic standing and work at least 10-15 hours off campus every week, I often struggled to balance the pressures of both my academic and personal responsibilities.

When I am not spending time with my TRiO family I enjoy spending time with my supportive husband, amazing children, our needy dog, and our two crazy cats.  I love the outdoors, playing board games, reading, and watching movies.  Someday I want to become fluent in Spanish and hope to travel the world.