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TRiO is Family!

"As a family, we push each other to achieve our goals and to maximize them because we all know how hard we have worked to get where we are today and know how much we continue to need each other.”
–Danielle Wright ‘15


Our Students
Every year our program services 125 Freshman to Senior Beloit College students. Our students come from across the country and are as unique and diverse as the rest of the student population at Beloit.



Our Mission
We are here to assist with all aspects of the college experience; from academic and personal coaching to financial literacy, cultural enrichment, and career planning.  We are committed to providing students with the tools, resources, and mindsets necessary to be successful college students, responsible citizens, and strong leaders!


Our Services

Academic Advising & Personal Counseling

Financial Award/Scholarships

Book Aid Award Textbook Voucher 

Peer Mentors


Learning Tools, Resources, & Text Book Library

Financial Literacy Workshops & Resources

Post Graduate Study & Career Planning Resources

Midterm Course Evaluations

Informational Workshops

Community Engagement

Have questions?
Contact us, we would love to hear from you!

Interim Academic Support Coordinator
Kayleigh Kavanagh
Office: 608-363-2124

Academic Support Coordinator
Maria Scarpaci
Office: 608-363-2617

Nathan Edwards

Office: 608-363-2049