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Jane Choi `14

Jane Choi `14

Jane Choi was born in Korea but since her parents are Christian missionaries, when she was ten years old she moved with them to South Africa.  There she stayed until coming to Beloit in 2010.

[Jane Choi `14]

“I come from a culture that has many unique and interesting things. Many people know about Japan and China, but not many people here know about Korea.”   Jane has been making efforts to share Korean culture at Beloit.

Deeply involved in Beloit’s Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, she says it “helps me live my faith; being with a community that has a similar faith helps support me. The community carries you through when you are feeling kind of disconnected from God—you have a support group, and it is a nice way to meet people.”

Jane’s faith in Christ also finds expression in weekly Sunday worship, her musical tastes, as well as meditation, journaling, and many good conversations with friends about her religion.

“Growing up my mother was one of the most inspirational people I knew. She has a wonderful relationship with God, and was able to give good advice in any situation.”  But as Jane grew, her missionary parents gave her room to come to faith on her own.  “I respect my parents for giving me a choice in my religion; they raised me as a Christian, but left it up to me to decide what my faith was as I got older.”

“Before I came to Beloit I had a child-like faith.  It was strong, but it was present mainly because that is what I grew up believing. The secular environment at Beloit has led me to question my faith and really examine my relationship with God. This has led my faith to grow strong. After being at Beloit I feel that I have had to articulate my beliefs and become more knowledgeable about exactly what I believe.”