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Caitlin Gunn `14

Caitlin Gunn ‘14

Caitlin Gunn can make you smile just by being with you.  Her full presence and calm, cheerful air immediately fill a room, and conversation with her reveals sharp intellect, curiosity and an almost regal serenity.  She seems alive to God’s hidden presence.  Perhaps this hints at why one of her quotes to live by is from Alice Walker’s The Color Purple:  "I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don't notice it."

[Caitlin Gunn `14]

“I am not sure if I am a Christian Quaker or just a Quaker …” she says, still openly questioning the nature of her relationship with God and of her religion.  That combination of confidence and willingness to be uncertain has been Caitlin’s style since she was raised as a child with no particular religious teaching.

“When I was young, I took a job with a Quaker community providing childcare during their meetings.  Soon I was showing up to meetings, even when there were no kids to take care of…”  Before long she fell in love with the silent, discerning, contemplative style of worship, and found herself the youth member of a committee or two as well. “With a non-practicing Methodist mother and a father who is an avid Atheist, my family was quite shocked when I became Quaker!”

“There are a few of us at Beloit.  I attend Quaker meetings [with an off campus meeting] at a house that is literally just off campus.” Caitlin appreciates that these meetings are peopled by a variety of college students, community members, and people of all ages. “It wasn’t until my time at Beloit that I met Quakers my age. It is nice to have a community of people at the school I go to who share my beliefs.”