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Housing Contract / Agreement

The housing contract, also known as the Beloit College Residence Hall Application and Agreement, must be filled out by every student for each term or school year when living on campus. New students fill out the whole form, including the middle section that asks about living preferences, while returners only need to fill out the top section and sign the bottom.  When signed, the resident agrees to live by the policies outlined on the second page.

This form can be completed electronically.  To fill out the form, download and save it to your computer.  Open the form in Adobe and complete it on your computer.  When finished, save the complete form and email the pdf file to  Please be sure that you fill out and return the placement questionnaire as well.

IMPORTANT: Your forms WILL NOT WORK if you do not use the most recent version of Adobe Reader. To save this form for emailing, please download it here.

 New Students, 2015-2016 Housing Contract Form (Admitted Students; Academic Year 2015-2016)