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Policies and Handbooks

Student Handbook:
The student handbook is a guide to student regulations and college policies.  The Office of Residential Life handles most of the student policy violations, and this document is referenced when dealing with a wide variety of situations.  Although the handbook contains information for all aspects of life at the college, there is a section entitled “Living” that will provide comprehensive information regarding policies for living at Beloit College.

Parent Handbook:
The parent handbook is a good reference for parents, guardians, and other support people who have questions regarding a wide range of topics. Many of those frequently asked questions are answered in this document, and it includes contact information for many different offices and people on campus.

Sexual Assault/Misconduct Policy:
This policy clearly outlines the policies regarding sexual assault/misconduct and violence. There are a number of resources both on and off campus if you or someone you know is a victim or accused perpetrator of sexual assault/misconduct.

Drug and Alcohol Policy:
The policy regarding alcohol and drug use is explained in the handbook, as well as through the following link. Understanding the approach to alcohol use and misuse is important when living or visiting campus, as it differs from many other institutions.

Personal Harassment:
Personal harassment of any kind is taken seriously at Beloit College. Revised in August 2007, this policy is described on the following page. In addition to the policy, you will find information on resources for those who feel harassed.