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The Beloit Residencies

They are Nobel Prize winners, U.S. Poet Laureates, and internationally renowned human rights leaders. They are ground-breaking scholars and artists who champion causes and new ideas. Hailing from around the world and across a broad spectrum of fields, they share one distinction: all are thinkers and doers. And all have joined the Beloit College community for an extended stay as a part of the college’s distinguished residency program.

Each year, Beloit welcomes as many as six such individuals to campus to teach and work with our students, engage with our faculty, perform or present, as well as live on campus.

During their time at Beloit, students have met and interacted with almost two dozen luminaries in these diverse fields, including Giles Foden, the award-winning author of The Last King of Scotland, Nobel Prize winner Douglass North, and Ali Allawi, the former Iraqi minister of finance, defense, and trade.

2014-2015 Residencies

Ginsberg Artist
Sept. 8-12
Andrew Sendor

Upton Scholar
Nov. 4-7
Robert Stavins

Mackey Chair
Jan. 19 - March 6
Susan Choi

Crom Philosopher
March 4
Meredith Battin

Weissberg Chair
March 30 - April 4

James Anaya

Ferrall Artist
April 13-17

Tomie Hahn