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Research and Teaching Assistants

Research Assistants

Faculty members occasionally need student assistants to help conduct psychological research. You may receive academic credit for research activities by registering for a Special Project course. We also have a limited number of paid positions. We encourage students to participate in departmental research because graduate admissions committees often weight research activities more heavily than internships or other relevant experiences.

If you would like to participate in departmental research, express your interest to individual faculty when the registration booklets are distributed, or before the first week of the semester. When new projects develop, we usually announce openings for research assistants in the Psychology Newsletter or via e-mail. Students who have performed well in PSYC 150 (Statistical Applications in Psychology) and PSYC 200 (Research Methods & Design) are more likely to be selected as research assistants.

Teaching Assistants

A position as a teaching assistant is an honor, available to only a few students each year. If you would like to be a teaching assistant, express your interest to the appropriate individual faculty member when the registration booklets are distributed for the following semester.  Selection of teaching assistants is based on prior course work in psychology, schedule compatibility, and potential as a teacher (e.g., reliability and communication skills). Academic credit (1/2 unit) is available.