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Beloit College Ambassador - Emilee Suchomski

BCA - Emilee Suchomski

Name: Emilee Suchomski
Year: Senior
Hometown: Elk Grove Village, IL
Major: Anthropology
Tour Guide Coordinator, Principal Bassoon in Beloit College Wind Ensemble, AST

Favorite Beloit space: By Oscar Mayer Hall there is a wall that faces the Science Center. When I lean against that wall and look out I can see the Rock River as well as the natural prairie that borders the Science Center on that side and it is such a beautiful sight to see.

Why Beloit?: Three reasons: Beloit College is a mecca for anthropology students and the department has done an amazing job in shaping me as a person and as an anthropologist, the people at Beloit are great and so open to everyone’s interests, and my love of turtles that Beloit College shares.