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International Student Aid

Scholarship and Financial Aid Application Deadlines

The competition for international student aid is highly competitive and reserved for students who cannot afford the cost of a Beloit College education without some financial support.  If you wish to be considered for international student financial aid, you should complete your admission and financial aid applications no later than January 15 for fall enrollment, or by October 15 for spring enrollment.  International transfer applicants studying in the U.S. should complete their applications by March 15 for fall enrollment, and by October 15 for spring enrollment.

How do I apply for financial aid?

Students applying for financial aid must complete the Beloit College Declaration of Finances and International Student Application for Financial Aid. 

Beloit will also accept the CSS Profile (CSS code: 1059) or College Board ISFAA as alternatives to the Beloit declaration of finance forms.

Students not applying for financial aid must complete "Section A" only of the Beloit College Declaration of Finances and International Student Application for Financial Aid.

What types of financial aid are available to international students?

Beloit offers scholarships only—funds that never have to be repaid—to international students. Scholarships are intended to supplement the difference between the cost of a Beloit College education and the amount the student and his/her family is able to pay. They are awarded on the basis of need and merit. While the college offers many partial scholarships, Beloit does not have any full scholarships available that cover all expenses. Campus employment may be offered to some students to help offset personal expenses. Loans are not available to international students.

Will my application for financial aid affect the admissions decision?

At Beloit, we use the student’s financial information as we are making admissions decisions since funding is limited. In some cases, especially for students with high financial need, we are unable to make an offer of admission if our scholarship funds are insufficient. International students who do not require financial assistance and who meet our admission requirements have a much greater chance of being offered admission since they are not competing for limited funding.

What advice do you have for international students applying for financial aid?

It is important to be honest in reporting the amount of money you and your family can contribute to your education in each of your years at the college. An applicant who can contribute more money may be more attractive to the admissions committee than an equally qualified student with fewer financial resources. At the same time, you shouldn’t over-estimate the amount of money you can contribute. If you really cannot afford what you report as your family contribution, Beloit cannot increase scholarship awards once those decisions are made.

What is the largest scholarship available to international students at Beloit?

Beloit offers two full tuition scholarships each year to international students. Although these scholarships cover full tuition, it is important to keep in mind that the additional cost of room, board, fees, books, personal expenses, and travel are not included. We estimate that a student must have resources of about $10,000 per year to cover these expenses not included in the full tuition scholarship. Competition for these full tuition scholarships is exceptionally keen.