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Toby Walters
Toby Walters'14
Math and Dance
Chuck Drury plus Alicia Bailey plus Gina T'ai
Fishing bridge and Center for the Sciences and Hendricks Center for the Arts
No Boring Students
Move Wright Exhibit

Toby, who hails from Hingham, Mass., double majors in mathematics and dance. He has performed in over 20 dances at Beloit and describes his Move Wright exhibit at the Wright Museum of Art as a creative milestone.
Toby’s favorite faculty and staff members are Associate Theatre Arts Professor Chuck Drury, his FYI advisor; technical director Alicia Bailey, who taught him crucial skills for his career; and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Dance Gina T’ai, who encouraged him to try choreography.

Hear more from Toby:

With interests ranging from
lighting plus biking, dance to astronomy, meditation and yoga
Toby is anything but a boring student. Some of the places you’ll find him on and near campus include the Center for the Sciences, the Hendricks Center for the Arts, and the Wood Family Fishing Bridge.